Steve P Brady

Spent my Saturday afternoon on a website rebuild. Pretty happy with it.

A surprise dusting of snow? I wish! An allergy-killing spring crop of pollen. 🀧

My wife, who wore out her original VHS tape years ago, was extremely excited to see TOP GUN today. I was…less enthusiastic. But it was great! The flight scenes alone were worth the price of admission. And the MI preview!!!!

My students have been hounding my lately to tell them what kind of music I like. But at my age coming up with a succinct answer isn’t easy. So of course I made a playlist. 20 songs that are currently on heavy rotation for me. Playlist …

πŸ“ “You go outside and for a second all you hear are the animals running around, or wind in the air. In many ways this is the gap; it’s what is going on in life before we add something to it in the form of a mental narrative.” - Your Mind is a Prison by Jason Rosander Emphasis mine.

It’s a scorcha.

Cholesterol was a little high at my yearly physical and my new doc recommended intermittent fasting before a statin. I like this guy. πŸ‘ I’ve also had a lot of luck with this type of eating some I’m on board for some changes.

πŸ₯— Started intermittent fasting again- the 20/4 variety. I do pretty well with this as I am not usually terribly hungry for the first half of the day anyway. However, as last night’s Chinese dinner showed, I really need to pay attention to macros when I do this. Minimal protein Saturday means a …

🧬 My Ancestry DNA results updated and my Welsh numbers jumped. So yes, I did add Welsh to my Duolingo account.

🎭 Just got back from the Emerson Colonial Theater in Boston after seeing an Evening With Neil Gaiman. Don’t judge the show by the only lousy picture I snapped. It was great, my favorite part being his a reading of “Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar.” His ode to Lovecraft.

🎬 Last movie we saw before March 2020 was SONIC. So of course here we are for part 2.

😢 Benedictine monks wake up each morning and make the choice to be silent. Lesson there.

Currently reading: Everyday Resilience by Gail Gazelle πŸ“š Currently on self improvement kick.

Just made dinner and parking reservations for this Friday. We’re going into Boston to see A Night With Neil Gaiman. This will be our first time at an author show and I am not really sure what to expect. Pretty excited though.

Curious if sites like see an uptick this week. Seems like a good time to find a more peaceful place to spend time online. I for one also recommend MB. Nicest community around.

I have spent a lot of time chaperoning 8th graders to Washington DC, so I know museums, and I know good museums. Today I saw one of the best I have ever seen and it is literally 10 mins from my front door. The American Heritage Museum in Hudson, MA is a treasure hiding in the middle of nowhere. If …

Currently reading: Secrets of Self-Mastery by Mitch Horowitz πŸ“š

Helped a friend move a piano today, and at our age the fact that no one threw out their back or tweaked a knee is a win. πŸ’ͺ

WWII encampment. If I could find a street legal version of this I’d be on Heaven.

Watched a little bit of Pope Francis’ Way of the Cross on Good Friday. I no longer consider myself Christian, but I have always found this particular traditional beautiful to watch. Last night with the moon shining brightly over the Colosseum was spectacular. Image via The Catholic News Agency

“Imagine that you have been put under a hypnotic trance in which you were told that you would be a person that was constantly concerned and afraid of life. You were told that you were a physical body that would die and that that could happen at any moment. You were told that to be happy or …

πŸ“š Currently reading- DYING TO LIVE: THE END OF FEAR by David Parrish

β€œTo work today is to be asked, more and more, to do without thinking, to feel without emotion, to move without friction, to adapt without question, to translate without pause, to desire without purpose, to connect without interruption.” Moten

I’ve been reading a lot about nonduality and how things don’t happen to me, they just happen. Sitting outside of the high school wait to pick up the boy from a play practice that is running 39 mins late is the perfect opportunity to put that idea into practice.

Our regular coffee shop is looking very seasonal today.