Steve P Brady

Helped a friend move a piano today, and at our age the fact that no one threw out their back or tweaked a knee is a win. 💪

WWII encampment. If I could find a street legal version of this I’d be on Heaven.

Watched a little bit of Pope Francis’ Way of the Cross on Good Friday. I no longer consider myself Christian, but I have always found this particular traditional beautiful to watch. Last night with the moon shining brightly over the Colosseum was spectacular. Image via The Catholic News Agency

“Imagine that you have been put under a hypnotic trance in which you were told that you would be a person that was constantly concerned and afraid of life. You were told that you were a physical body that would die and that that could happen at any moment. You were told that to be happy or …

📚 Currently reading- DYING TO LIVE: THE END OF FEAR by David Parrish

“To work today is to be asked, more and more, to do without thinking, to feel without emotion, to move without friction, to adapt without question, to translate without pause, to desire without purpose, to connect without interruption.” Moten

I’ve been reading a lot about nonduality and how things don’t happen to me, they just happen. Sitting outside of the high school wait to pick up the boy from a play practice that is running 39 mins late is the perfect opportunity to put that idea into practice.

Our regular coffee shop is looking very seasonal today.

Found these through the Recommendo newsletter. Cheaper than regular toothbrushes so I figured I’d give them a shot.

Currently reading: The Virgin by Geoffrey Ashe 📚 This is an investigation into the origins of the cult of the Virgin Mary in Catholicism and includes influences from biblical text and from older goddess mythology. Written in the 70’s the scholarship is dated, but it’s a legend I’m …

📚 I ran into someone mentioning the 48 LAWS OF POWER by Robert Greene 3 different times today. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Normally it’s not a title that would appeal to me all that much. Anyone read it? Thoughts?

Been a long day and I was scrolling through the channels looking for something easy to watch and saw THE NATURAL is on. Mood instantly improved.

Final snow squall of the year. Sigh.

Evergreen post: You don’t have to have a public opinion on everything.

Good morning from the forest. Here’s “Wooded Landscape with Hunters and Fortune Teller” from Abraham Govaerts (Flemish, 1589 - 1626)

Ok, Patty the Batty won me over. I’m in officially a fan. #UFC

Just did some maintenance on my social media feeds. Deleted almost all posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is something I do on a semi-regular basis. I also put this on all my profiles: I’m not here. I’m there 👉

Currently reading: Girls Who Lie (Forbidden Iceland Book 2) by Eva Björg Ægisdóttir 📚

As part of my job I keep track of people looking for work on LinkedIn. The past few days my lists have been full of Russians looking to work anywhere outside of Russia. Poland, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, you name it. It’s quite sad to see it playing out in real time like this.

Local weekly spot decked out like Hogwarts. Made our Sunday “business” meeting pretty cool.

For the Constant Reader of @stephenking the signs are everywhere. Which reminds me, I scored a copy of “Billy Summers” for Christmas that I need to get into.

My city ended it’s mask mandate weeks ago. Yet when I went grocery shopping about 70% of people were masked. I wore one happily when we were in the thick of it, but it feels like that time is past. I wonder how long it will take until people feel comfortable .

“If the first convenience revolution promised to make life and work easier for you, the second promised to make it easier to be you.” - NYT, The Tyranny of Convenience. The comodification of the self seems to be a byproduct of techonogical progress. But it doesn’t have to be. I …

Currently reading: Cunning Folk by Adam Nevill 📚

Had a much belated anniversary dinner at an inn that was around before the U.S. was a country. Maple Old Fashioneds, New England baked scallops and indian pudding. My idea of heaven.