Busy week for me. 3 days of parent/teacher conferences. Working with 3 job search clients. I’m also doing some A/B testing on my LinkedIn Profinder proposals. Oh, and the first snow of the year is set to hit tonight, 6 inches.  So, ya, busy week.

READING: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman   

LISTENING: Dark Ages- A Chronicle of the Plague

WATCHING: Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime

INBOX THREAT LEVEL: Moderately intimidating

It’s been a while since I published a proper blog post. Not a 200 word hot take, or a quick personal update, but a really, truly, well-developed article. This 1700+ word exploration of Ralph Waldo Emerson and what he can teach the modern careerist is just what my creative juices needed. Curious? Take a look here. 


Seeing as it is time to vote here in the U.S. I thought I’d make the obligatory political post. However, I’m doing something different this year. I’m not necessarily plugging any side, party or position. Rather I am making  a plea for people to actively engage with the “other”.

Below is a pretty solid left analysis from the Black Agenda Report. (I’ll note that it is extremely self-critical of the left’s recent performance, especially in regards to foreign policy.) Pair that with a recent episode of The Fifth Column, to offer up a perspective from the Conservative/Libertarian spectrum. (Pay specific attention around the 45 min mark.) Wherever you are on the wider political spectrum you should really try to engage with the opposite perspective here. We can’t get anywhere if all we do is scream at each other across the void.

Saw the new Venom movie this afternoon with the kids. Fun enough, kids really liked it. I think I may just be done with super hero origin stories at this point. Nothing really new.