2016 in Books

I didn’t read as many books this year as I normally do. I think this is largely due to the fact that I have had a lot of freelance work to deal with, which is clearly not a complaint. In total I read just 17 titles in 2016, compared to 24 in 2015. However, some of […]

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The Fireman

If 2016 has taught me anything it is that the celebrities I have grown up with are getting up there in years, and with my all-time favorite author turning 70, my mind has wandered to the day when I will have no more new Stephen King books waiting on my shelf. Then I found out […]

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I was too young to have seen Close Encounters in theaters, but once HBO put it into regular rotation in the early 80’s it quickly became a personal favorite. I’ve always had a thing for science fiction, especially when human and alien interaction is involved in a serious and realistic way. Close Encounters did this […]

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I Wish That Were True

He had always been beautiful. But there was also something about that beauty that made him, well, other. For the entirety of their relationship there had been a strange aesthetic distance between them, as if his very appearance was a boundary that kept her at arms length. He stared up at her through  bloodshot eyes, […]

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A Constant Reminder

  The moon hung low in the sky and the house was quiet as he washed the dishes she had left. She was always leaving him little jobs to do, mother. The house’s silence seemed to amplify the noises outside the window which was open due to the unseasonably warm streak. He could hear the […]

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Revival by Stephen King

  No shock that as an English teacher I tend to read a lot. Though the older I get, the less of it is in book form. In fact I’d say better than 70% of my reading happens online these days. But I still like to read myself to sleep most nights with a good […]

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Artifact by Gregory Benford

“We’ve got two parties.” “No you do not. You have only the party of the banks, of the money men, and they divide it into two pieces for your voting.” ― Gregory Benford, Artifact Currently reading Artifact by Gregory Benford. It was written in 1985. This quote could have been written yesterday.

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