Steve P Brady

⌚ Calling all watch enthusiasts: I want to save up for a nice diver watch. I’m thinking in the $300-500 range. But I’m overwhelmed with the options. Any recommendations?

Veterans Day trail run. Made it to the top of Gibbs Mountain, which is more of a big hill, but my legs were still burning.

⌚ Calling all watch enthusiasts: I want to save up for a nice diver watch. I’m thinking in the $300-500 range. But I’m overwhelmed with the options. Any recommendations?

Just saw BLACK ADAM. Pretty fun for what it is. Action? Check. Humor? Check. Good villain? Check Satisfying ending? Check. I don’t ask too much of super hero movies so I am rarely disappointed.

Usually not much color left at this point. Rail trail looking great though.

With politics really ramping up right now, here’s a palate cleanser from yesterday’s trail run.

I am mostly a lurker here on Micro Blog, but with Twitter feeling up in the air I just may start posting more regularly here. Grrateful for the option!

This. So much this. Via @ayjay…

Becoming a big fan of the Old Fashioned with a cherry garnish.

Went to see Josh Gates at The Hanover in Worcester tonight and had a blast. Great story teller.

As an online job search coach (and middle school teacher) I tend to stay “on” over the weekend. But I’ve worked a bit harder this week to allow myself to unplug and not think of anything business related until Monday morning. Would love it if I could make this a new habit.

Quick 3 mile ramble in the woods to clear the head.

When you need a dedicated notebook you know the project just got real.

Went to the Immersive Monet Exhibit in Boston this afternoon. My first time at one of these and it did not disappoint. Though my pictures don’t do it any justice.

Just discovered Gloomcore on Spotify. Found my new go to working background music.…

Doing a modest kitchen renovation in my 150 year old 2 family house. While the upstairs where we live was fully updated in the 80s the downstairs apartment is still mostly original horsehair plaster and weirdly off-center studs and joists. Salvaged some old square head nails today while taking down …

Philosophy- Friend or Foe?

“The impregnable wall of philosophy helps us tame the mad frenzy of our greed and tamps down the fury of our fears.” - Seneca In other words, it is philosophy that allows us to gain true perspective on our lives. Perspective to see that our anxieties most often do not come to an actual …

Flash Fiction

Below is an old piece of flash fiction I found in a notebook. Don’t even remember writing it, but I kind of like it. Airport lockers. We rent them the way people once rented apartments before ubiquitous heli-travel. They represent our public space. Somewhere to store, fill, or hide. The …

Last day of classes and now summer can officially begin. But no rest for the wicked as I ’m completely booked with client work for the next couple weeks. At least that work can all be done from my couch!

Very long (but good) day at work followed up by the first sprint workout if the season. Time to raise a glass.

It’s a June long weekend and I’m drinking beer on the deck, grilling some burgers. I’m also scrolling Halloween accounts on Instagram because I’m read for fall. sorrynotsorry

Ran my fastest half mile time in about ten years today. It’s not fast for most people, but it was lightning for me. Gonna ride this high for a while.

The school district I work in has been discussing whether or not to continue reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” and this [short clip] ( is the best formation of an …

Took a stroll through the annual car show downtown this morning and saw literally hundreds of classic cars. But nothing appeals to me quite as much as the simplicity of an old school Jeep.