Went to get our Christmas tree today and found this beauty inside. Asked the owner and he said he hopes to have it up and working after the holidays. Gift idea for me. Quarters. Lots of quarters.

CURRENT STATUS: Christmas shopping badge achieved. We made a plan and executed. All the shopping done in one night. (I think)

WATCHING: Season 3 of Hannibal. I’m a little embarrassed how fast I am bingeing this show.

READING: A three year backlog of Gordon White’s blog: The Archonology Series. Interesting alt-history.

CURRENT STATUS: I’ve been going full tilt since 7 AM, it’s now 7 PM and I am finally sitting down to relax. December really is the busiest month of the year.

WATCHING: I’m up to season 2 of Hannibal and I plan on going full comatose in front of a screen for the next couple hours.

READING: Nothing. I have not had time lately, and by the time I do I’m too tired to really get into anything. Clearly a sign that I need to slow down. (New Year’s resolution unlocked!)

CURRENT STATUS: Trying to juggle working with 7 clients this week. Seven! Oh, and I have over 70 essays to grade as well. If you need me I’ll be main-lining coffee in the corner over here.

READING: American Exorcism in this month’s The Atlantic. Because nothing says Christmas season like a good ‘ol demonic possession. 

INBOX THREAT LEVEL: Situation critical. 

CURRENT STATUS: 5 mile run to try and sweat out the mild hangover from last night’s holiday party.

WATCHING: Hannibal, season 1 on Amazon Prime. Heard a lot of good things about it. 2 episodes in and I’m hooked.

LISTENING: Latest release from ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ on Bandcamp

CURRENT STATUS: Listening to my wife and daughter scream about seeing @ChrisEvans, aka Captain America. (He’s filming a movie down the street.)

WATCHING: New season of Netflix’s Frontier

LISTENING: Big Wreck’s Grace Street

INBOX THREAT LEVEL: Leaning tower of too much work

CURRENT STATUS: Squirrel in the attic, again. Thinking of charging him rent.

LISTENING: Original Halo soundtrack. Video game soundtracks are surprisingly good to write to.

WATCHING: Limitless. I know it is horribly formulaic, but I love this movie. 

READING: Just downloaded Cabin at the End of the World and excited to start it.

CURRENT STATUS: Home with a head cold, which means it is a day of endlessly going over my digital workflow.

LISTENING: Backlog of Father Roderick’s podcasts. (Movies, travel, fantasy, TV, faith, sci-fi and minimalism.)

INBOX THREAT LEVEL: Manageable, for now…

CURRENT STATUS: Trying to clean up all the lose ends before traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. (Moderately successful so far…)

READING: Joe Hill’s Locke and Key, the 1st graphic novel I’ve been able to really get into.

WATCHING: Adam Cesare’s YouTube channel. So many great book and movie recommendations. Focus is on 70’s – 90’s horror.

LISTENING: Thanksgiving Celebration: 60 Traditional Holiday Favorites, because, well, why the hell not?