I feel like every weekend since about the middle of August I have been on overdrive with house projects, so I am designating this upcoming long weekend as house project free. Additionally, I'm working to complete my grading, finish up a client project and write my newsletter today so they are off my plate as well. 🤞 that I can get through it all before my weekend of freedom starts.

Just binged my first show in a long time. The 4th season of USA's The Sinner wasn't quite as good as the previous seasons, but it's hard not to root for Bill Pullman's  Detective Harry Ambrose as he unravels a mystery. While not the best season (that'll always be season one for me) this is a good send off for the character.

 There's something sadly poetic about the fact that we just lost Jimmy Buffet on Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer.  

Radio Margaritaville has been the soundtrack of quite a few summers for me.

After 3 days of professional development school is officially starting today. Will be good to have kids back in the building. Here's to a good year 27!

Been a busy couple days on our year-long kitchen remodel. Finally got it painted and put in most of the flooring yesterday. I'll finish that today and move on to molding and trim. Light at the end of this loooong tunnel. 

After being down and out for 2 full days (from a shingles vaccine shot of all things!) I am full of energy and plans this morning. Time to get caught back up.

So it turns out my body just hates vaccines. The Covid jab hit me harder than actual Covid, and yesterday I got the shingles vaccine (yay 50s!) and this morning I feel like I got run over by a truck.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

After a good experience recording a video for a friend's job seeker website on ATS myths I'm thinking about experimenting with some video of my own. Looking into phone app teleprompters, ring lights and Microsoft ClipChamp as a basic way to get started.

  90% of what I worry about never actually happens, and yet...  

One of my favorite accounts to follow on Bandcamp is CRQ Editions. They specialize in unusual, out-of-copyright, classical recordings which are of interest to collectors. It's a fun way to get exposed to some excellent older recordings. 

This morning I am working to Carlos Kleiber: The Chicago Debut 1978: Weber Freischutz Ov, Schubert 3 and Beethoven 5.

Link -- [crqeditions.bandcamp.com](https://crqeditions.bandcamp.com/)

Reminder to self:  The most meaningful things in life will never feel “productive”.

Related: Been itching to get into slow cinema lately. Need to seek out some recommendations of where to start.

Spent the afternoon playing around with categories on my website. Trying to make this blog more user friendly for myself. I want to be able to easily look up notes and reviews of things. It's a work in progress, but I'm liking it so far.