Commencing shoulder rehab.

It’s a cold one in my corner of New England.

All dressed up and somewhere to go.

This little guy has made a nest right outside my room at work. New mascot?

First post vaccine diner out.

Going through March’s notes to create my next newsletter.

Cold but beautiful morning at the lake.

JACOBS DREAM by William Blake

November beach day. #NoFilter

Probably the last weekend I’ll get views like this on my Sunday morning hike.

Hope the views are spectacular wherever you’re spending your Sunday!

View out my dining room window. Strong Halloween vibes. 🎃

Library project is coming along nicely.

#fall #newengland

New installation on the local rail trail.

Beautiful Saturday morning for a run. An hour outside sweating cures all ills.

About to start one of our family’s regular October traditions: Sunday nights and Halloween Wars on Food Network.

Tonight’s classic horror.

This Saturday’s movie: The Creature with the Atom Brain. 1955

One of many that live under our holly bushes. Hazel? Bigwig? Is that you?

Saturday night means classic horror in the Brady house. Tonight’s feature- The Werewolf of London.

Sitting under a tree listening to this…

8 in the morning and it’s already real feel 90?! Today’s run is going to be a tough one.

Swordfish on the grill, traditional Brazilian music from a party down the street, drink in hand. Feeling quite content.

Spent some time on the deck this afternoon putting some serious thought into how I want to teach this fall.