New season of Altered Carbon– American cyberpunk Netflix series and based on the 2002 author Richard K. Morgan novel of the same name- just dropped. Looks like my weekend is sorted.

Thinking of starting a vintage horror paperback collection. I am reading more now than I have since I was in high school, but I rarely go into a book store or library anymore. I miss it. Ever since I went full-time Kindle I have longed to go look for real tangible books. I think starting a collection of vintage paperbacks could scratch that itch without breaking the bank.

Besides, have you ever really looked at that old cover art? Some of it is amazing and worth having on the shelf even if I don;t get around to reading it.

Quiet Sunday morning and I just set up an entire week’s worth of social media posts for the business through Buffer App. Feeling super productive. 

#classicalcareercoaching #Wheresmyprize?

One of my favorite parts of traveling is going down to the lobby early while everyone else is still just waking up. I grab a coffee, find a quiet spot and read as the rest of the hotel wakes up.