Quiet Sunday morning and I just set up an entire week’s worth of social media posts for the business through Buffer App. Feeling super productive. 

#classicalcareercoaching #Wheresmyprize?

One of my favorite parts of traveling is going down to the lobby early while everyone else is still just waking up. I grab a coffee, find a quiet spot and read as the rest of the hotel wakes up.

I think you can boil down self improvement to four simple steps.

  1. Silence your mind.
  2. Move your body.
  3. Master your work.
  4. Be in the present.

Simple, but not easy.

Here we go again. Once more around the sun.

Resolutions are good. Goals are fine. But remember your Democritus. Boldness is the beginning of action. But fortune controls how it ends.” If things don’t go exactly as you hope, don’t stress. Just keep going. The older I get the more the cliche rings true. Life is the journey, not the destination.