Splendor Solis is a noteworthy alchemical manuscript dating back to the 16th century. It showcases a series of illustrations accompanied by text, delving into the realms of alchemy and spiritual wisdom. 

The text offers insights into alchemical principles and the interconnected nature of the universe.  The artwork within the manuscript is intricately detailed and visually appealing. However, while some may find the symbolism and imagery captivating, others may find it less accessible.

Dark Sun, from Splendor Solis – Product – The Public Domain Review

For example the above image, Dark Sun, symbolizes the initial stage of putrefaction, where the old, impure elements are broken down and transformed into their essential components. This stage is often associated with darkness and the decomposition of matter before it can be purified into the "Philosopher's Stone" or the ultimate goal of alchemy, which is the transmutation of base substances into a higher, perfected state.

Overall, Splendor Solis remains a significant contribution to the field of alchemical literature, albeit with varying levels of appeal depending on individual interests. Personally, I found it educational, but at times a difficult read.