Last night I mentioned coming up with a list of kid friendly horror movies. For those interested here it is. It’s fairly 80s dominant.

Post-80’s films

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: I didn’t see this one but daughter did and said it was both terrifying and made for a middle school audience.

Goosebumps Movie: Also a daughter recommendation.

The Mummy: Brendan Frasier version.   

The Vast of Night: New on Amazon. Riff on old 50’s alien invasion movies. DJ and a switchboard operator tell the story largely through dialogue. Might be too old as far as attention span? Adults should definitely check it out though.

Animated Films

Paranorman and Coraline: Both similarly animated but genuinely good films. Paranorman has become an October regular in my house. If he likes those Frankenweenie and Monster House are lesser films, but still decent.

80’s Films

Gremlins, Beetlejuice, Ghost Busters: Because, well, classic.

Labyrinth: If he likes his scares with a fantasy twist

Tremors: Only the first one. Rest are not worth your time.

The Gate: More of a cult classic. PG-13ish

Christine: Probably the only Stephen King I’d recommend

Foundational Films

Night of the Living Dead: The classic Zombie movie

Psycho: Brilliant, but fairly tame

House on Haunted Hill: Classic Vincent Price