Thanks to @JWOcker I have learned that the PEM museum in Salem is going to have a Nathaniel Hawthorne exhibition. Pretty excited for this one as I have long been a Hawthorne aficionado and every year I teach his short story, The Birthmark. The exhibit is titled The Creative Legacy of Nathaniel Hawthorne: Selections from the Phillips Library Collection.

From the PEM’s website:

This is the first exhibition in a new gallery dedicated to showcasing works from the museum’s research library. Nathaniel Hawthorne is integral to Salem’s rich history, and PEM’s Phillips Library collection includes over 3,000 individual volumes by the author. The library’s recent acquisition of Mindy Belloff’s A Golden Thread, a contemporary reinterpretation of Hawthorne’s short story “The Minotaur,” considers the links between past and present, visual and verbal, and how artists have drawn on one another’s work throughout time. Focusing on the visual artistry of bookmaking and printing, from cover designs to typography, this exhibition highlights the full creativity present in books as art objects.