How and why I use social media. Seems every few weeks I come across another post or article decrying the use of social media, and while on the one hand I totally get it- social media has been the cause (or at least symptom) of a lot of what ails modern culture- on the other hand, I think it really depends on how you use it.

Here’s my back of the napkin social media life:

Facebook: I keep my account so that I know when someone has big family news- death, marriage, baby. This seems to have become the de facto way of sharing this type of news and I don’t want to put my foot in my mouth talking to a friend or colleague I only see once in a while.I generally check in once or twice a week.I never post.

Instagram: I follow a lot of national parks, country accounts, interesting creators and photographers. I like to look a pretty pictures. I don’t rely on it to show me everything about the few personal accounts I follow. I mainly use it as eye candy. Check in first thing in the morning to see beautiful things while drinking my coffee.

As for posting, I like using the story function to put up random shots. The fact that they are here and gone appeals to me. Gives me a reason to snap a pic every now and then. I do tend to post quotes in my feed, but that is more for my business persona than anything else. (Have to maintain the brand somewhere, and I like Instagram best for this purpose.)

Twitter: Oh Twitter, the love to hate social media sibling. Honestly, Twitter has always been and probably always will be my favorite place to hang out. I keep my follow list around 100 and fill it mostly with authors and creators I enjoy reading about. Politics is pretty ruthlessly pruned out.I generally don’t follow people I know in real life- few of them are even on here. I’ll check in a couple times a day and post sporadically. I tend to respond to other people’s content more than I create my own here. (My personal blog does auto share to Twitter).

LinkedIn: I use this everyday, multiple times a day. I’m a job search coach so I have to live here. It’s fine.

I’ve never had social media make me feel anxious, depressed, FOMO or anything else that a lot of people talk about. All of my accounts have a pretty small follow list (around 100) and even then I have a few people muted from time to time. The algorithm doesn’t really seem to affect me. Don’t give it a lot to chose from and it tends to show you everything I guess. It’s a pleasant distraction or a tool. It has as much power as you want it to.

When there is clarity within

The world appears clear.

When there is chaos within

The outside world appears chaotic.

Our world is a reflection of our state of mind.

Don’t “change the world”. Change yourself.