Have to, or get to?

“We should bring our will into harmony with whatever happens, so that nothing happens against our will…” – Epictetus

This almost feels like a Jedi mind trick, but it works. Stop thinking of life in terms of things you have to do. If you have to, you have no choice, and it implies you’d rather be doing something else. Instead reframe it as things you get to do. If you get to do it, it is a privilege.

Life is going to happen regardless. There will always be to-do lists, fender benders, broken appliances and moody teenagers, and if you look at all that life throws at you as a series of things you have to do, you’ll likely be miserable. If, on the other hand you see them as opportunities to be productive, to practice patience, to learn new skills, you’ll have a much better life. Nothing external will have changed, but your outlook will have changed.