The Power of Now

“The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything up close.” Chuck Palahniuk

Who knew the author of Fight Club was a closet Stoic, because this sentiment is mirrored by none other than Marcus Aurelius when he says, “Stay focused on the present situation and ask yourself why it’s so unbearable and can’t be survived.” In other words, when you pay attention to what is right in front of you, you can handle just about anything.

Struggling under crushing debt? Just deal with your next paycheck and pay off what you can. Make that small dent, and over time you’ll work your way out.

Over weight with health problems? Don’t keep thinking about losing 50 lbs and running a 5K, just walk around the block, just pass on that ice cream. Just do what you can now.

The power of now really should be considered a super power when you think about all it can help you accomplish.