Reading: Ever read a short story and think it should be made into a full length novel? That’s the exact experience I had when I read Painless by Richard Larson. It is about a man who can’t feel pain and has been bioengineered to be a killing machine, but he refuses to give in to his fate. It’s gritty, cyberpunkish, in parts shocking and it left me wanting more.

I’ve been reading and blogging my way through Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic, which is something I do from time to time- must be the amateur classicist in me. I also stumbled across this great explainer on the whole Stoic idea from Dr. Donald J. Robertson. If you were ever curious about what exactly stoicism is, this is a great place to start.


Watching: Three things to share in the film department. First, I saw an interesting art house horror film, HAGAZUSSA, a German language film available on Amazon and Shudder. This is a haunting, intentionally paced, auditorily stunning, terror. Reminiscent of 2015’s THE WITCH although bleaker, and at times harder to watch, but I couldn’t turn away either. Chilling.

Second, I saw a one night only theatrical release of the classic Kevin Costner film FIELD OF DREAMS this past week. Aside from being a baseball fanatic this movie is special to me because I proposed to my wife while watching it all those years ago. And yes, I still cry at the end when he plays catch with his dad. #noshame

Finally, we went to a pre-release screening of the upcoming film YESTERDAY. (I’m a big deal like that). The movie has a unique premise: the entire world has forgotten The Beatles ever existed except for one down-and-out singer. He then releases the songs as his own. There is a low grade rom-com subplot as well. Cute film with a killer soundtrack- obviously.


Listening: Chelsea Wolfe’s HISS SPUN album as preparation for her upcoming release BIRTH OF VIOLENCE.  Her work has blended elements of gothic rock, doom metal, and folk music. I know that sounds odd, but it works.