Aside from the NHL playoffs (Go Bruins!) I’ve also recently watched, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit; I won’t bury the lead, it was bad. But it got me thinking about his work as a whole. Some of his films, UnbreakableThe Village and of course his first break out hit,The Sixth Sense are excellent. But then there are his duds, The HappeningThe Last Airbender and now The Visit. It wasn’t until I saw something last week that I realized why his track record is so up and down.

See, I’ve been a horror film fan for a long time, but art house horror was never my thing. Now, after watching the 1977 art house film, Suspiria, I feel like a whole new cinematic world has opened up for me. Then it clicked. This is what Shyamalan really wants to be: an art house director. Unfortunately, he was cursed with the gigantic success of his first film and is now chasing the next blockbuster. His films would be consistently better if he forgot about box office and just told small, creepy, stories.