I like having a personal icon or avatar to use around the interwebs. Part of it is my desire for privacy (I don’t need my face plastered everywhere) and part of it is having an image I chose to represent me across platforms and on my own sites. For the past year it has been an image of a crow, a symbol of intelligence, flexibility and destiny. To be honest I mainly chose it because as a horror aficionado it was just plain cool. Close enough to Poe’s raven without committing identity plagiarism.

However, today I changed my personal icon to a simple rendition of an ouroboros. I like the ubiquity of the symbolism surrounding this image. From ancient Egypt and Greece to Celts and the Norse, the self devouring serpent has been as an emblem of wholeness, infinity or renewal. Simple image, simple yet deep meaning. Feels right for where my head is these days. And ya, it looks pretty bad ass.