Saturday afternoons are for watching golf in sweatpants. I’ve already finished a client project, sent my newsletter, gone on a 4 mile run, done some grocery shopping and driven my eldest to work. Productive enough for a Saturday.

I’ve been going super basic lately and drafting all my writing in Notepad. Kind of nice to just write without any real thought to how it is going to look on the screen. Just getting the words out.

I haven’t called on social media like this for a while, so hopefully I have enough followers to make this work.

👉 QUESTION: What good online short fiction magazines are you guys reading these days?

Need to fill up my instapaper with some quality short fiction.

Finally started really getting into Google Assistant routines on my android. Fun to play around with and made my morning commute both useful and pleasant. More to come I’m sure…

It’s March 4th and we’ve finally scored the first full snow day of the year. It looks like I’ll have a foot of heavy, wet snow to shovel today. Good thing I skipped the gym yesterday.

👉 By day I am a mild-mannered English teacher, by night I am a Job Search Coach, and in my leisure time I am a book nerd and a horror fan. As the snow is falling I am writing up the new edition of my newsletter which is a little bit of all of that.

It drops Sunday morning. If this sounds like your thing I’d love to have you along for the ride . Link: