I Wish That Were True

He had always been beautiful. But there was also something about that beauty that made him, well, other.

For the entirety of their relationship there had been a strange aesthetic distance between them, as if his very appearance was a boundary that kept her at arms length.

He stared up at her through  bloodshot eyes, wet hair hanging across his brow, and dropped to the ground.

“Please, you don’t have to.”

Her own tear streaked eyes gazed down at him as she aimed the gun.

“I wish that were true.”

A Constant Reminder


The moon hung low in the sky and the house was quiet as he washed the dishes she had left. She was always leaving him little jobs to do, mother.

The house’s silence seemed to amplify the noises outside the window which was open due to the unseasonably warm streak. He could hear the wind scuttling the leaves along the walk, and the neighbor’s dog harassing a skunk again.

He turned up the water until it began to scald.

But the knife lay across the table like a constant reminder.

1st November Weekend

I’m resisting the early Christmas push and still enjoying the best season of the year here in New England, late autumn. Halloween has just passed, the heat is officially turned on and the foliage has shifted from the early maple tree brilliance to the more muted oaks, and this first weekend of November has been a pretty busy one.

First up was our third trip to see Emily’s favorite band, NEEDTOBREATHE on Friday night. They are touring with three other bands so the whole show clocks in at better than four hours. I have to admit, they are pretty amazing live, and the venue- Boston University at the Agganis Area- was by far our favorite. Great seats, great performance, great time.


Next up was a pretty full Saturday: books, baking and Dr. Strange. My 10 year old has finally convinced me to try reading a graphic novel. My choice was Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Volume 1. While at the library I also saw this old Monopoly of my home town. I recognize a few of the locations but not enough to figure out the year. Pretty cool nonetheless.


Then it was time to bake some pumpkin bread. I’m claiming this is my way of celebrating Bonfire night in solidarity with my English forebearers. Really, I just like all things pumpkin.


To round out the day we all went to see Dr. Strange. The verdict was unanimous. We all felt this was probably the best origin story in the Marvel Universe so far. Two big thumbs up.


Then on Sunday Scott and I finally got back out onto the course for a round of disc golf. It was cold and windy, but it felt great to get out there again. Probably our best round of the year too.