What is it like when many things that were once solid parts of your identity are ripped away? It’s jarring, disillusioning, and….exciting?

I used to call myself a runner. Age, injury and changing priorities has slowly chipped away at that self-chosen designation.

I used to call myself a conservative Christian. Experiences, in and out of the church, and study has been slowly eroding this concept of self for a while, but it has recently come to something of a head and I can no longer claim this as my tribe.

I have voted Republican ever since I was 20. I have given my votes, time and money to the cause. Over the past few years I have felt a lot of my positions shifting. But Donald Trump, and the party’s reaction to him, has pushed me past the point of no return and robbed me of my political identity.

The fact that all three of these things have happened pretty much simultaneously has left me a bit unmoored. However, even though it has been disruptive, it is not an altogether horrible feeling. It’s a little exciting; it’s a time of reinvention. I honestly can’t say what comes next, but I’m curious.