Seasons Turn


The above shot of Fort Meadow is probably the last I’ll get before the leaves start turning, and as the summer slowly decays into autumn I am left feeling a bit introspective. You see it isn’t just the weather that is changing; it seems as though my whole family is going through it’s own seasonal shift.

My oldest is now in high school. My youngest has just started middle school. My wife is off on new adventures of her own after finishing up 10+ years of homeschooling. And things are changing for me too. My hobby business has turned into a full-fledged career of its own, with all of the rewards and responsibilities that that entails. I also just recently turned 44, and if I am not on the downward slope of the proverbial hill, then I am at least at its crest.

But autumn is my favorite season and change brings new opportunities, so I am feeling both grateful and hopeful on all accounts. I think if 44-me could tell 24-me that this is what the top of the hill would look like, 24-me would be pretty excited. Here’s to new seasons.

On to the next.