Night by Elie Wiesel

img_20160921_104202This is one of those books I’ve always known I should read, but have resisted. Not because I doubted its worthiness- everyone I know who has read it has spoken well of it. Rather, I just didn’t want to deep dive into the subject matter which I feared would be horrible, The Holocaust.

However, this year I am teaching the book and so I have put my reticence aside and jumped in. It is an exceedingly quick read at just over one hundred pages.

And I was correct on both counts.

It is excellent.

It is horrible.

The Real Site of the Salem Witch Trial Hangings

We have ancestral connections to the Salem Witch Trials from a number of different angles, from the judges, to the accused, to the unjustly murdered. Partly due to this, and partly do to an affection for all things early New England both myself and my daughter have always loved visiting Salem. When I heard earlier this year that the actual site of the hangings had been found, and that it was sandwiched between a residential area and a Walgreens, I knew we’d end up making the trip. Today was the day. We even took in the Rope’s Mansion while we were in town. Mostly because it was one of the film site for Hocus Pocus, a family favorite.

Drunk Posting

Well, not really, but beer did play a big a part in my weekend thus far. With the kids both at sleepovers and an unexpected gift certificate in the mail, Friday night was date night with burgers and beers. Then Saturday after a 6 mile hike to work off last night’s dinner Emily and I went to a craft beer festival. Much imbibing ensued.

Revival by Stephen King


No shock that as an English teacher I tend to read a lot. Though the older I get, the less of it is in book form. In fact I’d say better than 70% of my reading happens online these days. But I still like to read myself to sleep most nights with a good old fashioned codex and my wife found this book in hardcover at our local library for just a buck. Let the late night, nightmare inducing readings begin.