The Dream of the Rood- Lines 10 – 20

  The Ruthwell Cross 

Continuing on my quest to translate one Old English poem by the start of the next school year I here present lines 10 through 20 of The Dream of the Rood.

Original Text

Ne wæs ðær hūru fracodes gealga,
ac hine þær behēoldon hālige gāstas,
men ofer moldan ond eall þēos mære gesceaft.
Syllic wæs se sigebēam, ond ic synnum fāh,
forwunded mid wommum.  Geseah ic wuldres trēow,
15 wædum geweorðod wynnum scīnan,
gegyred mid golde; gimmas hæfdon
bewrigen weorðlīce wealdendes trēow.
Hwæðre ic þurh þæt gold ongytan meahte
earmra ærgewin, þæt hit ærest ongan
20 swætan on þā swīðran healfe. Eall ic wæs mid sorgum gedrēfed,

Literal Translation
Nor was there certainly shameful gallows
but he there beheld holy ones
men over earth and all this glorious creation.
Amazing was victory beam, I sin stained
badly wounded with defects. See I glorious tree
covering honored joy shining
adorned with gold. jewels has
covered splendidly the rulers tree.
nevertheless I through that gold beheld could
destitute former struggle that first was back again
bleeding on the right side. All I was with sorrow troubled,

My Attempt at Poetry
It was certainly not a shameful cross 
there, but holy ones, men over earth and all
glorious creations beheld him there.
Amazing was that victorious cross, and I sin-stained,
badly wounded with defects, I saw a glorious tree
honored with coverings, shining joyously
adorned with gold. Jewels had
covered splendidly the Lord’s tree.
Nevertheless, I could behold through that gold
the old battle of the destitute, that
it first began to bleed on the right side
I was all with trouble sorrowed,