Book Review: The Serpent of Moses

Books, much like anything come with expectations. The same holds true for all kinds of entertainment media. If you are going to see an romance epic, you expect to shed some tears. Pick up a thriller and you expect to be kept awake at night, or at the very least, to suffer from a few quality nightmares. A treatise on history? There had better not be factual errors or clearly identifiable bias. As long as something meets our expectations we are generally pleased with our investment of time and cash. The Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel completely met my needs in terms of an action-packed beach read.
Is it full of Indiana Jones styled unbelievability? Yup.
Is the good guy the stereo-typical hero who is brilliant but flawed with a devil-may-care attitude? You betcha.
Is the love interest a beautiful scientist? Almost, in this case she is a linguist, which of course our hero needs to decipher the ancient codes necessary to fine the long lost artifact, deal with his own troubled past, defeat the terrorists, evade the Mossad who are also…well…you get the idea.
Everyone needs some escapism once in a while, and this kind of books is mine. If you like them too, then I can strongly recommend The Serpent of Moses. In fact once I started reading I realized this is a sequel. Now I know where to turn the next time I need to kill a lazy afternoon on the deck. Thank you Mr. Hoesel.