Trying to be more intentional in what I read and how I interact with it. Sort of a slow roll to a personal learning system. As stability is more important to me than #popularity I am eschewing Evernote and its brethren and instead started playing around with Microsoft’s OneNote this morning. Seeing some potential.

Just downloaded Open Live Writer to give it a try as a blogging client. Anything that fosters writing without the distractions of being online this year is a win. This is going to be a test post so feel free to ignore.

2019-01-05 20.01.54

Saw a news report earlier this afternoon about revelers in Times Square who had been there for hours and were wearing diapers due to the bathroom situation. No thanks. I’ll take my middle age, suburban New Year’s Eve. Chinese food, whiskey and an Indiana Jones marathon on TV with the family. #LifeIsGood

Went to get our Christmas tree today and found this beauty inside. Asked the owner and he said he hopes to have it up and working after the holidays. Gift idea for me. Quarters. Lots of quarters.