📖 Recently discovered Mark Greaney’s THE GRAY MAN. Half way through the first book and I am loving it. Reminiscent of Ludlum, who was a personal favorite back in my 20’s.

Re: schools reopening. I know there are a ton of logistical hurdles that administration/state officials/ and building principals have to deal with, but waiting to find out exactly what the fall is going to look like for my teaching career is giving me hives. I just want to know so I can start making decisions of my own.

Feeling super productive today. Went on a run this morning, had a LI post go mini-viral (for me anyway) then finished up two client projects and started in on two new ones. And now it’s cocktail hour. 🍸

🦇 Don’t get me wrong, I loved Christian Bale’s BATMAN. But rewatching Michael Keaton in the 1989 film makes me realize how perfectly he blended the dramatic with the comic book source of the character.

Heat advisory in my corner of New England today. Temps around 90 with humidity north of 90 as well. It’s only 7am and power is already flickering. PleaseLetAirConditioningStayOnAmen.

There is a practice within the tradition in which someone goes to a holy elder and “asks for a word.” That encounter is, most often, quite terse. It is not a request for an explanation, much less mere speculation. It can, indeed, be no word at all:

Abba Theophilus, the archbishop, came to Scetis one day. The brethren who were assembled said to Abba Pambo, “Say something to the archbishop, so that he may be edified.” The old man said to them, “If he is not edified by my silence, he will not be edified by my speech.”