Steve P Brady

It’s -11F outside this morning. Feels like temp says -31! Suffice to say this weekend’s trail run ain’t gonna happen. ❄️

Buffet yourselves against the winds my friends. “It takes two things to bowl over a tree — a heavy wind outside and decay inside. Much of the moral wreckage is caused by inner cynicism — a disgust with life’s futility, an inability to see sense in it. A person in that mood is an easy mark for …

My response from now on when someone sees me just sitting at my desk reading a book. “Leisure is not entertainment. Leisure is in fact a kind of contemplation where you do things for their own sake, merely because they’re good to do. It’s a celebration.” —Dr. R.J. Snell

Monday’s after work album: Synchronocity, by The Police.

Things learned at age 50. I really can’t cook an omelette. 🍳

There are more things on the internet, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your timeline.

💡That was quick! Cooking by candle light was fun though.

….and the power is out. 🤞It’s not a long one.

January 23rd 2023. First snow day of the year.

Deep in the woods after a light snow = my happy place. ❄️

Hello post holiday flu/head cold. How I haven’t missed you.

Last night we went to a one-man-performace of A Christmas Carol at the Mathra Mary Chapel in Sudbury. And as someone who does not count this story as a favortie I really enjoyed it.

Christmas by Candlelight at Old Sturbridge Village in the first snow storm of the year.

Reward for today’s mountain miles.

Back to the lab again-

Stop pushing. Most things that are going to happen will happen of their own accord. Spring comes, and the grass grows. #NotesToMyself

There is a lot of mud in the water right now. You’re not going to get clarity by further stiring things up. Stay still, let it settle. Things will become clearer. Then dispationately analzye and act. #NotesToMyself

Saw this posted somewhere earlier today. “Being a billionaire is a moral failing. Dolly Parton is a millionaire and not a billionaire because she keeps giving money away.” Interesting thought. I suppose people’s views will vary depending on how libertarian or how socialistic their …

Happy Thanksgiving from the summit.

27-degrees at the trail head this morning. 🥶

📚 Just finished reading BILLY SUMMERS, by Stephen King. This was a different type of King book. Nothing supernatureal or spooky happens. Instead, this is thoroughly enjoyable character study. Highly recommend.

Just finished watching Chris Hemsworth ’s LIMITLESS on Disney+. That was way more impactful than I was expecting. The last episode is going to sit with me for awhile.

First trail run in sub freezing temps. Not many people on the mountain this week. Too bad, they don’t know what they are missing in the cold and the quiet.

Woke up to the first snow of the year. Just and inch of mush, but it’s enough to get this winter person excited.